The Future Gens' Dream Home: Has it Gone to the Dogs?

By: Sheldon Coxford

The Future Gens' Dream Home: Has it Gone to the Dogs?

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Millennials are having dogs, not kids. Bringing home a bundle of furry joy from their local rescue and providing a little creature with a good life is the new getting pregnant and birthing of a human baby.


A new generation is popping up fast on the real estate market. One which more heavily revolves around finding suitable homes for their most beloved family members - their dogs.


Rescuing a dog or two instead of having kids has replaced, or at least delayed, many people's decision to bring children into the world as soon as they once did.


Financial debts and burdens, choosing to obtain a higher education, making career decisions that affect starting a family as easily, plus growing uncertainties for the future of humankind, are some reasons why family planning isn't something happening in many couples' lives just yet.


Also, and perhaps most interestingly, young people are delaying or choosing never to begin the baby making process because they find that their pooch offers them the love they need and crave just as well as another human might give them.


Every dog forms a relationship with their owner, just like every person who walks into another human’s life does.


If you give your dog what they need (exercise, discipline, love), then you will find you two develop an unbreakable bond that feels somewhat like a parent-child relationship, and serves the same purpose of nurturing something that relies on you for their wellbeing.


With a strong, loving connection formed between you and your pet, your reproduction needs might be put on the back burner, as Sheldon has found to be the case within his group of friends.


Dogs are willing to give a whole lot of love, no conditions or questions asked, and their owners know that this kind of love is a beautiful and even perhaps a more favourable type of union in the world they are currently up against.


Man’s best friend is bridging the gap between wanting to bring a little baby into the world to love and take care of by giving their animals that doting affection and attention instead.

With a strong, loving connection formed between you and your pet, your reproduction needs might be put on the back burner, as Sheldon has found to be the case within his group of friends.


Most dog owners view their pet as highly as any other family member and would be willing to do whatever it takes to keep them happy and healthy.

For millennials residing with a wagging little bum at home who are looking to get into the housing market, many are admitting that they are wanting to do so predominately for security and equity growth reasons of course, but also for finding a place to better suit their dogs' demands in the long run.

Many dog moms and dads are putting the needs of their slobbery pals at the forefront, above the needs of their spouse or kids when it comes to finding a proper home. Such citizens believe their dogs’ needs are non-negotiable and want to give their fur babes what they want and believe they deserve.

Looking for real estate amenities that feature prime schools and top-notch playgrounds nearby are a thing of the past or are at least aren’t as much of a pressing need for this group that is coming up hot on the market.


They are being found to have a different must-have checklist when it comes to finding a home.

Dog owners want homes that feature:

There are many hurdles dog owners face in renting a suite which is another driving force for this group wanting to more quickly get out of a rental situation and into a mortgage.


It’s ruff to find a nice rental that will accept your pet, and it becomes more challenging the bigger your dog gets.


You might have an easier time finding a place for a Yorkie than a Great Dane which is often an annoying prejudice based on the false presumption that smaller dogs are always more compliant.


Once you do manage to find a friendly landlord willing to take you and your hairy brood in, there most certainly will be hefty pet deposit fees to pay, which doubles with each dog owned.


Plus, many rentals don’t possess ideal conditions for your pet as you might find yourself crammed into a tiny square-footage suite in a high rise, making once in a while emergency potty breaks tough on the both of you.


Even if you are able to squeeze into the dog-eat-dog home buying market, many condos have rules and regulations firmly halting you from bringing your little buddies into the building in the first place.


Enter Sheldon Coxford, your neighbourhood Pet-Friendly Realtor. Sheldon and his lovely dog, Yukon, are indeed making a difference in the Vancouver local housing market for those with or without pets. This is a dream team that firmly believes that everyone, furry or otherwise, deserves a great home.


Yukon, a cinnamon-coloured husky mix, who enjoys getting belly rubs and having meditative sessions at the ocean’s edge while gazing out onto the vast unknown, had an uncertain future before she was rescued by Sheldon and his wife, Emily.


They welcomed Yukon, named after her origins, into their home, and she became genuinely furever grateful for finding such a loving family to take care of her for the rest of her doggy days. Never have you seen a dog smile as big or sweetly as she.


Sheldon tackles the housing market by helping his clients buy a home as fitting to you and your lifestyle as a doggy-human match made in heaven (Yukon to her Sheldon).


Sheldon isn’t looking to rush you into a home that isn’t perfectly suitable or that you aren’t 100% sold on.


Through cutting edge marketing strategies and expert knowledge of the neighbourhood you’re looking to buy in, whether it be Kitsilano or Yaletown, Sheldon will find it for you.


By using targeted home search results based on your criteria, possessing strong negotiating skills and giving you ample support through the closing process and beyond, Sheldon is an innovative type of agent you’re going to want on your side during your home search.


Plus, he will obviously keep your pets in mind from start to finish.


As a millennial himself, Sheldon fully understands how daunting buying your first home is. He will help make your real estate journey effortless and stress-free, leaving you with nothing to do but get extremely excited about finding the perfect pad for you and your family.


Sheldon, through understanding dog ownership and beyond, is a compassionate soul and thrives off helping those in need.


He realizes it’s not just humans that require homes and for this reason, Sheldon wants to work with clients who want to bring a new four-legged friend into their family by paying for the rescue cost up to $1000!


Of course, he understands if dogs are not your cup of tea and will absolutely want to work with you anyway.


Sheldon is passionate about Vancouver and loves finding ways to make it more accessible and friendly for all beings.


He knows the ins and outs of his city and goes out of his way daily to help dog owners in the building he currently resides, by offering walks and sitting at the drop of a hat should a pawed pal require it.


He also assists his wife with crate, food and dog transportation runs, as well as last minute fostering of Fur Bae’s when needed. This is an ambitious organization ran by Emily and a few other women in the Pacific Northwest who bring neglected and abused dogs out of the hot Qatar desert into loving, furever homes here on the west coast.


You can often find Sheldon and Yukon down at Kits Beach making new friends, with humans and dogs alike.


While many dog lovers that meet new friends are more likely to know and remember the dog’s name more than the humans, Sheldon wants to learn everybody’s name and find out how he can help them all simultaneously.


He’s genuinely curious about others and actively participates in discovering new ways in which he can pawsitively serve his community.

This human-doggy duo work in a way that makes real estate a little less scary for home buyers and sellers alike, by being personable and by having a keen eye for detail in which Sheldon is able to hone in on his clients’ wishes and whims.


As a family man and dog dad, he speaks the language of loyalty, honesty and non-judgmental friendliness.


He’s a caring and honest guy and will help make the home buying experience an absolute pleasure with a charming, go-getter attitude you can shake hands (or paws) on.


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